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Here’s a gentle 10 minute simple yoga sequence perfect for anyone new to yoga or wanting to try a different style of practice. For those of us in recovery from substance abuse, this style of gentle practice supports deep connection to our internal state. This sequence does not require any equipment or props. I’m on a yoga mat here, but you can just as easily do this on carpet, a towel, a rug, or grass.

Key features of this short practice:

  • Accessible to anyone regardless of body type, size, age, gender, and ability
  • Promotes interoception – the ability to sense what is happening inside our body
  • Connects breath and movement which supports relaxation of the nervous system
  • The poses are gentle and can be done first thing in the morning or anytime

Video Practice – A 10 Minute Simple Yoga Practice

How does it feel now? Why does it matter?

Throughout and after any yoga practice, you may ask yourself “How does it feel, now?” and silently wait for the answer. Do you feel more relaxed? Are there tingling or flushing sensations? Are you breathing easier? When we engage in a fairly simple yoga practice, the sensations are likely to be subtle. When we do a more vigorous practice where we move a lot and sweat, the answer to the question is probably going to be about a pounding heart, an endorphin rush, or other robust physical response. By doing gentle simple yoga, we find the more quiet reply.

Asking ourselves “how is it now” is a technique to connect with our true self, our internal state. It’s another way that yoga supports our recovery. Becoming aware of ourself is a skill we can build over time with practice. As we tune into our internal sensations, we gain greater insight into what makes us tick. We can also begin to recognize when we are moving in a negative direction, like when a shadow of depression is beginning to creep in or when a glance from someone makes us feel judged, disrespected, or some other negative sensation. When we understand the physiological shifts in our body we can better decide how to handle our feelings and make decisions based on our wellbeing.

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